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Electrocardiogram (ECG) is a method of recording bioelectrical potentials of the heart. This method makes it possible to detect ischemia centers (areas of impaired blood supply) of the heart muscle and various rhythm disorders.

In what cases does it stand
do an ECG:

  • Suspected heart disease and high risk for these diseases

  • Deterioration of the condition of patients with heart diseases, the appearance of pain in the heart, the development or worsening of shortness of breath, the occurrence of arrhythmia

  • Before any surgical interventions

  • Diseases of internal organs, endocrine glands, nervous system, diseases of the ear, throat, nose, skin diseases, etc. with suspicion of involvement of the heart in a pathological process

ECG at home

An ECG can also be performed at home using the "home visit" service. When an ECG is performed at home, a cardiologist comes to you, takes measurements and immediately interprets it directly at your home. You can also consult a cardiologist at home, it is very convenient. 

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