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Девушка с цветком
Мама с коляской


Analyzes are performed on European and American equipment. We use high-quality consumables, which ensures the most accurate results of the analysis. 


We have a wide range of highly qualified specialists in many fields of medicine. You can always easily and conveniently make an appointment by phone, through the website, or simply by visiting our center.

Ultrasound and ECG DIAGNOSTICS

Medical MTS Clinic is equipped with an ultrasound machine, which allows you to quickly perform the necessary examination in one room, and a highly qualified specialist will make an accurate diagnosis. It is also possible to record electrocardiogram readings with the help of equipment. And a cardiologist of the highest category will help decipher the readings as accurately as possible.


The Mother and Child Center is a caring place
about you and your baby from the moment you plan your pregnancy until your child reaches adolescence. Pregnancy planning, pregnancy management, pediatrics, ultrasound for children, vaccination - this is what we provide for you.

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